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Dr. Bergs Clean Shine Conditioner

Experience Stronger, Shinier Hair with Dr. Bergs Clean Shine Conditioner

- Moisturizing formula helps to keep hair hydrated and healthy.
- Well-balanced formula helps to prevent damage to hair from heat styling and environmental factors.

Dr. Bergs Clean Shine Conditioner is the perfect hair care solution for those looking to strengthen, moisturize, and improve the overall health of their scalp and hair follicles. This well-balanced formula contains biotin and peppermint to nourish and invigorate the scalp. It's sulfate-free, so it won't strip away natural oils, leaving hair feeling soft and hydrated. The conditioner helps to strengthen hair from the root, promoting healthy growth and preventing breakage. It also helps to reduce frizz and flyaways, leaving hair with a glossy, healthy shine. For best results, use in conjunction with Dr. Bergs shampoo for a complete hair care routine.